As the main activity of the company is recycling of secondary aluminium scrap for the subsequent production of secondary aluminium alloys, we buy the following specifications:

aluminium scrap:
    rolled metal
    wires and cables
    aluminium-copper radiators, etc.  
We buy aluminium scrap both as extruded in puck and in bulk.

Apart from buying aluminium scrap, we also buy scrap of other non-ferrous metals, such as: 
    brass-copper radiators, etc.
Every purchase of scrap undergoes thorough sorting upon receiving and only after that scrap is recycled for the production of secondary aluminium alloys.
We also buy materials necessary for the production process (KCl, NaCl, PAF, Si, AlMn, AlTi, AlFe, etc.). Besides, we also buy secondary and primary aluminium alloys.


Production of secondary aluminium alloys, such as 226, 231, 233, 230, 239, 260, etc. The company produces secondary alloys in accordance with European DIN-standards, as well as in accordance with the set specifications by our clients.